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As the sun set's the universe gives us the choice to observe the real night sky as it is. ''As above so below'' if this law, then the hidden can only be revealed at night, Claim your birth right, before the sun rise....


What is Astrology ?


About: Richard alkhemistery

I discovered Astrology at the age of 9, the moment I connected with the zodiac, I felt instantly absorbed, fused in by the light, I knew I would be an astrologer, I'd mentioned it to my parents at the time they where confused.

although the tides of life has the capacity to swing you in different depth, and hills, however the true path always follows you and you will never run away from the ultimate truth in your birthchart.

My reading, explores the complete truth of possibilities there is no mistakes in the universe only opportunities, it is man choice to wake up the light of his own cosmic vibrational creation.

It is my purpose to give you insight into your own creation, as your truth unveils itself, I will  expand your inner strength, exploring your natal chart, by amplifying you, and allowing the stars to reveal  themselves deeply. I will never let you know more then your birth chart can handle.

In the course of destiny anything can be transformed during our existence, however at the closing date of our previous life, lies the closing date of our current life, and there life hold its grip on us, know man should know his death day unless needed required by his soul, the birthchart can reveal all, because nothing is hidden under the sun.



be ready for a life transforming reading, beyond the depth of existence.


Music Written by Richard Alkhemistery

Astrological songs

for healing the soul

written by alchemistery


The Sky Was Bright


Give Me All That You Want

The Love That I Found





A master rules his stars and a fool is ruled by them.

The basic astrology you know today, is just a watered drained down version of true divine science of the mystics. The sages, who weren't of this age in my opinion, but, were either travellers or spiritual beings of Atlantis,& Lumeria, who came down from sirius. (The lost Continent) Secrets of astrology are mainly in its remedies, and some misconceptions which the true followers of astrology didn't want you to know, such as planet Saturn the lord of debt that which we hold on earth.

Most people are concerned about their zodiac sign or birth sign, but it actually goes deeper ! when we delve into astrology we come to find out the inner depth, of our soul. We can verify and investigate how other planets, interact with our own being once we have the innerstanding of them.

When the sun sets in the evening, you will prepare for sleep, and adjust for the night, but as the sun rises in the morning you will feel refreshed for the new day, if that is the case, what are the subtle effect's of other planets on our inner being.

When the moon is full, are emotions are intensified, everything is amplified. The moon effect's the tides of the oceon, therefore it will also have an impact on the movement of blood running threw every cell in our body.

other planetary effect will occur so subtlety, that we may wonder why certain thing's happen unexpectedly to us, because you are a reflection of me I will discuss and analyse your full horoscope birth chart to the depth to uncover the mystery of your life.



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The story of Set & Thoth


The Master of Mathematics and Astrology,

past his myths science to Set under precise

 motion of the moon light.


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Set gave birth to Lunar time, and was in charged of the movement of saturn, which gave rise to the setting Sun,

and the discovered the moon 28 phases which will be revealed in your birth chart.

it was only after set that western astrology found itself, and Christianity found its way into the worship of the father

prior to this, the ancients worshipped the great goddess under the symbol of set.









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Saturn in Sagitarius for

 the next 2.5 years

As the cosmic kaleidoscope shifts again the great teacher Saturn moves from dark, emotional Scorpio into freedom loving, philosophic Sagittarius. The Saturn in Sagittarius transit will last for approximately two and a half years, bringing change not only at the personal level but at the level of our social, ethical and governance systems as well.

Saturn is the principle that causes energy to coalesce into form, the structuring principle that allows the myriad things to become manifest in this physical reality. As the traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn takes the ideas of the Airy Aquarius and builds them into the concrete structures of earthy Capricorn. Saturn holds things together.

As such, Saturn rules all forms of limitation and constraint, bringing order to chaos but also sometimes a sense of heaviness and stagnation. When our relationship to Saturn is not as healthy as it should be we may feel resentful about our commitments, or bogged down in routine and responsibility. For example a relationship founded on Saturn energy has a great deal of strength and mutual commitment, but when this Saturn energy is over-emphasised we may find the relationship feels burdensome, boring or stale.

Sagittarius is a very different energy to Saturn. The archetypal adventurer, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune, Sagittarius always falls on his feet. He loves to explore new cultures and is always curious to see things from other people’s perspective. While Saturn is all about order and structure, Sagittarius wants to break out of the box, and is always seeking to expand his ideas about the world, always wanting to learn more. Along with travel and adventure Jupiter rules higher learning, developing a holistic worldview and coming to realise that our truth is only one way of seeing the world.


























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